Big Bad Bruce

Every song starts with a strong drum beat. Paul does that with a Mapex Saturn set with Gibralter rack.

A couple of guitar rigs for the boys

One more for recording and one for practicing while watching the TV



A few basses, for why, we don't really know.




A real gibson, and a fake gibson.

Another real gibson, and a fake one.

We've got a couple of those.

A few of these,

one or two of these;

Maybe one of these,

I think one or two of these

And we will put up more when we get photos. Now, back to non-guitar related stuff.


We use an Audie Technologies flow bench to see how bad our new tunes suck.

When we need to haul the mail to the Lemmings shows, we use all American power!

And to churn up new ideas, we use the completely custom RH-13 propeller by Wannabe Racing.